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Idealis is an environmentally friendly housing association. Environmentally conscious building and management is therefore an important objective. Idealis has held the Climate Neutral Guaranteed certificate since 2013.

Sustainable renovation

Idealis has invested heavily in recent years in energy-saving measures. All our buildings have been almost completely insulated and fitted with a minimum of double glazing. We have also replaced all old boilers with energy-efficient condensing boilers and water-saving taps, showers and cisterns are used.

As part of a major electricity project the electricity supply within our buildings has been optimised and new general lighting fixtures with energy-saving bulbs are now being used. Total energy consumption in the buildings has since been cut by about 10%. For the future, we are working to make our buildings more energy efficient. This could involve the use of solar panels, solar collectors, cogeneration systems and further energy-saving measures.

Sustainable construction

In construction we use sustainable materials and, where possible, we apply additional energy-saving measures, such as additional facade insulation, LED lights inside and outside, solar control glass, and solar collectors for the heating of domestic hot water. Idealis is now developing new buildings that are considerably more sustainable than the building code requires. Buildings and facilities are being designed to suit the specific usage of our tenants. These additional investments make homes more energy efficient and more comfortable to live in. Besides the choice of building materials and installations, Idealis is also taking a sustainable approach to building design. Our housing is designed in such a way that it can accommodate students today, but can also be easily converted in the future to meet the needs of other target groups (flexible construction).

New projects

Idealis is willing to experiment and undertake innovative projects. Wageningen’s first wind turbine can be found at Rijnveste, for example. The energy generated is used to power the lighting for the shared facilities.

Environmentally conscious behaviour of tenants

Saving energy is not something we can do on our own. Residents can also help save energy by living in an energy-conscious way. Idealis has conducted the energy-saving campaign “That was Easy”. With the help of the website, stickers and posters we encouraged residents to use energy economically.Energy-conscious behaviour is a recurring theme in our communications with our tenants.

Purchasing green power

Idealis buys only green electricity and CO2-neutral gas for all its tenants. It does this through Aenergie, an initiative in which a large number of housing associations have bundled their purchasing.

Climate-neutral organisation

Idealis made its own organisation climate neutral in 2012. Measures have been taken to minimise CO2 emissions as far as possible. For example, internally we use an energy-efficient computer system (thin clients) and the cooling of the server room has been replaced with natural cooling. However, we also make savings through energy-efficient behaviour. Idealis calculates its annual CO2 emissions based on its actual consumption of energy and paper, actual mileage, etc.

Idealis supports the ambition of making Wageningen climate neutral by 2030 and is therefore also a partner of ​​the municipality in this area.


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